Задание 1. Раскройте скобки, преобразовывая прилагательное в наречие.

Пример: Linda is ... (amazing) clever. - Linda is amazingly clever.

1. She ... (easy) ended her training.
2. Kim always acts ... (strange).
3. This movie is ... (extreme) funny.
4. His eyes are ... (nervous) shifty.

Задание 2. Из двух возможных вариантов, оставьте один верный.

Пример: My friends are most / mostly gamers. - My friends are mostly gamers.

1. The dress was pretty / prettily ornamented.
2. The tree was so high / highly that she couldn't see our window.
3. The Smiths may be late / lately because they have to meet their relatives at the station.
4. She warm / warmly smiled at me.
5. She lives in Spain, so we hard / hardly ever see her.

Задание 3. Поставьте наречие в скобках на нужное место в предложении.

Пример: Simon is alone in that building. (absolutely) - Simon is absolutely alone in that building.

1. Lucy visits her parents at the weekend. (always)
2. A pathologist examined the body. (carefully)
3. I saw him at the cafe. (yesterday)
4. I'm looking for him. (everywhere)
5. I'll call you. (then)

Задание 4. Поставьте наречие в скобках в нужную степень сравнения.

Пример: We don't have time! Could you go ... (fast)? - We don't have time! Could you go faster?

1. Excuse me, I can't concentrate. Could you speak ... (quietly)?
2. They came ... (soon) than we thought.
3. After renovation in our flat we will feel ... (comfortably).
4. The winner of the beauty contest acted ... (gracefully).

Задание 5. Заполните пропуски словами too или enough по смыслу.

Пример: The soup was ... hot to eat. - The soup was too hot to eat.

1. This house was ... expensive for us.
2. I have ... time to speak with you.
3. James wasn't good ... for her.


Задание 1.

1. easily
2. strangely
3. extremely
4. nervously

Задание 2.

1. prettily
2. high
3. late
4. warmly
5. hardly

Задание 3.

1. Lucy always visits her parents at the weekend.
2. A pathologist carefully examined the body. / A pathologist examined the body carefully.
3. I saw him at the cafe yesterday.
4. I'm looking for him everywhere.
5. I'll call you then. / Then I'll call you.

Задание 4.

1. more quietly
2. sooner
3. more comfortably
4. most gracefully

Задание 5.

1. too
2. enough
3. enough