Задание 1. Заполните пропуски личными местоимениями в правильном падеже.

Пример: "I like watching soap operas". "... too". - "I like watching soap operas". "Me too".

1. John is late. We won't wait for ..., because the movie has already begun.
2. Isabella studies hard, because ... wants to pass ... admission examination.
3. My mother and brother live abroad and I miss ... so much.
4. The teacher explained to ... this difficult topic and I understood everything.
5. He wanted ... to go to the supermarket, but we were doing our homework.

Задание 2. Переведите предложения, используя местоимение it.

Пример: "Который час?" "Десять часов вечера ". - "What time is it?" - "It is ten p.m. "

1. На улице +28 градусов.
2. "Кто этот мужчина?" "Неважно".
3. Похоже на то, что пойдёт снег.
4. Говорят, что этот кинотеатр самый лучший в городе.
5. Кажется, что она занимается спортом каждый день.

Задание 3. Вставьте there или it.

Пример: ... are a lot of people at the disco. ... is interesting and exciting. - There are a lot of people at the disco. It is interesting and exciting.

1. Look! ... is your neighbour. Yes, ... is Jake.
2. ... is a parcel for you. ... is from your ex-boyfriend.
3. Who is this? ... is Mrs. Smith.
4. ... is a good restaurant two miles from here.
5. ... is too late. Let's go home.

Задание 4. Выберите правильный вариант ответа.

1. Could you introduce ... to your friend?

a) me
b) I
c) it

2. ... visits his family every Sunday. His parents love ... very much.

a) he/his
b) he/he
c) he/him

3. ... am playing cards with ... .

a) he/them
b) I/they
c) I/them

4. Give ... a cup of white coffee, please.

a) I
b) me
c) it

5. Olivia has a big snake. ... is so disgusting!

a) she
b) it
c) he

Задание 5. Обозначьте грамматически верное предложение буквой C (Correct), а неверное - W (Wrong).

1. Jim he is a good short story writer.
2. Kate meets her friend every day at school. He is a nice and kind girl.
3. The Smiths don't know they.
4. Look at this picture. It is lovely!
5. Jake and Mia they work in the garden every Saturday.


Задание 1.

1. him
2. she/her
3. them
4. me
5. us

Задание 2.

1. It's 28° C.
2. "Who is this man?" "It doesn't matter".
3. It looks like snow.
4. It is said, that this cinema is the best in the city.
5. It seems, that she goes in for sports every day.

Задание 3.

1. there/it
2. there/it
3. it
4. there
5. it

Задание 4.

1. a)
2. c)
3. c)
4. b)
5. b)

Задание 5.

1. W
2. W
3. W
4. C
5. W