В данной контрольной работе представлено 5 заданий разных типов.

Задание 1. Проверка знания правил образования и употребления Future Simple.

  1. При помощи какого/каких вспомогательных глаголов образуется время Future Simple?
  2. Объясните разницу между временем Future Simple и конструкцией to be going to.

Задание 2. Закончите предложения, используя I'll + подходящий по смыслу глагол.

Образец: I'm too tired to walk home. I think I’ll get a taxi.

  1. I feel a bit hungry. I think … something to eat.
  2. It's too late to telephone Tom now … him in the morning.
  3. 'It's a bit cold in this room.' - 'Is it? … on the heating then.'
  4. 'We haven't got any cigarettes.' - 'Oh, haven't we? … and get some.'
  5. 'Did you write that letter to Jack?' - 'Oh, I forgot. Thanks for reminding me. … it this evening.'
  6. 'Would you like tea or coffee?' '…  coffee, please.'

Задание 3. Соедините части предложения из правой и левой колонок таблицы.

Will you shut

English lessons twice a week.

He will return

tell Tom what you said. I promise.

They will take

to Moscow in a few days

Will you please

the door, please?

I won’t

be quiet? I’m trying to concentrate.

Задание 4. Поставьте C (Correct) напротив предложений, которые составлены верно, и W (Wrong) – напротив предложений, которые составлены неверно.

  1. This time next year I will am in Japan.
  2. When you will know your examination results?
  3. Do you think will we win the match?
  4. That bag looks heavy. I’ll help you with it.
  5. I will going to travel round the world.

Задание 5. Решите 5 тестов (только 1 ответ верный).

1. “Why have you got so much food?”
    “Because I _____ a meal for two people.”

A) cook
B) am going to cook
C) will cook
D) had cook

2. “My car isn’t working.” 
    “Ask Joe to look at it. He _____ you.”

A) will help
B) helps
C) is going to help
D) helped

3. “I passed my driving test!” 
    “That’s great! I _____ some champagne to celebrate!”

A) am going to buy
B) will buy
C) bought
D) am buying

4. “Why have you got your old clothes on?”
    “Because I _____ the grass.’

A) had cut
B) cutted
C) am going to cut
D) cut

5. Mark ___ into the army next year.

A) was going
B) goes
C) will go
D) will be go


Задание 1.
  1. shall/will или только will
  2. Мы используем will,когда решение что-то сделать возникает в процессе разговора, а не заранее. Мы используем going to, когда уже принято решение что-то сделать.
Задание 2.
  1. I’ll have / I’ll get
  2. I’ll phone / I’ll telephone / I’ll ring / I’ll call
  3. I’ll turn / I’ll switch / I’ll put
  4. I’ll go
  5. I’ll do / I’ll write
  6. I’ll have
Задание 3.

Will you shut the door, please?
He will return to Moscow in a few days
They will take English lessons twice a week.
Will you please be quiet? I’m trying to concentrate.
I won’t tell Tom what you said. I promise.

Задание 4.
  1. W
  2. W
  3. W
  4. C
  5. W
Задание 5.
  1. B
  2. A
  3. B
  4. C
  5. C

Часть материала скопирована из следующих источников:
1. Raymond Murphy "English Grammar In Use" Cambridge University Press
2. Atalay Oguz «TEST MASTER» – Baskent Education Publication