Этот тест позволит вам определить, насколько хорошо вы усвоили разницу между Present Perfect и Past Perfect.

1. Why … you … my breakfast before I came back? Were you so hungry?
a) have/eaten
b) has/eaten
c) had/eaten
d) did/ate

2. When John made his mind (решится) to sign up for (записаться) English course, Tom …already … it.
a) had/done
b) have/done
c) did/do
d) has/done

3. We … not … to any foreign country yet but in the foreseeable future we intend to go abroad and take a trip.
a) have/been
b) have/seen
c) had/been
d) were/been

4. She …a member of our organization for more than 10 years.
a) has/be
b) have/been
c) was
d) has/been

5. You are the most beautiful woman I … ever …. Why are you single then?
a) have/seen
b) had/seen
c) has/seen
d) was/seen

6. She … only for half a year for an employer (на хозяина) before she was fired.
a) has/worked
b) had/worked
c) worked
d) was working

7. When I went to school I was very scared because I … not … my previous homework.
a) had/done
b) have/dove
c) did/do
d) was/doing

8. He’s the 10th person who …me what is the weather today this morning!
a) has/ask
b) has/asked
c) had/asked
d) was/asked

9. I’m looking for Kate. Can you tell me where she is at the moment? – I don’t know, she … just … .
a) have/leved
b) have/left
c) has/leave
d) has/left

10. … your mother … the table (накрывать на стол) by the time you were back from Canada?
a) has/laid
b) had/lad
c) had/laid
d) had/lying

1. c
2. a
3. a
4. d
5. a
6. b
7. a
8. b
9. d
10. c